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Mele Rosa dei Monti Sibillini
Presidio Slow Food

Mele rosa dei Monti Sibillini

Pink apples are an ancient population cultivated always in the Marche, in particular between 450 and 900 meters above sea level: from the pedance areas to the Apennine valleys and the slopes of the Sibillini Mountains.At one time pink apples were precious and sought after above all for their serbevolezza: harvested in the first decade of October, in fact, they are perfectly preserved until April. The different types have in common an acidula and sugary pulp and an intense and aromatic scent. Qualities that make this apple perfect also for the preparation of cakes and sweets. The Presidio has identified eight apple ecotypes belonging to three groups, which are diverse in background color, over color and texture of the fruit. The first are green with pink or orange yellow streaks and firm and crunchy pulp; the latter are tender and yellow, with over bright red color in the sunny part of the fruit; finally, those of the third group are firm, green, with vinous red streaks and firm. All three types cultivated are small, irregular, slightly crushed and with a very short peduncle. In short, good but inconspicuous and that, for this reason, they cannot compete with the modern apples on the market: larger, regular and bright colors. Their cultivation had been almost completely abandoned and only a few very old scattered trees had survived, but for some years they have returned to cultivation, thanks to the work of the Mountain Community of Sibillini, which has reintroduced on the territory the ecotypes preserved in the local research centers from the Assam-Marche Region.


The harvest era goes from the end of August to the end of October but the apples can be consumed until the end of the following spring.


Rustic like most old cultivars, the apples of the Sibillini have an important card to play on the market: they are absolutely healthy. The producers of the Presidio are gathered in a producer association Mele Rosa dei Monti Sibillini, called "Rosa" and that strives for greater incentives and protection of producers, to achieve adequate marketing and remuneration, for effective promotion. The association must also serve as an important link between consumers, outlets, restaurateurs interested in buying and small producers in order to promote concentration of supply and direct sales. The Presidio has drawn up a production specification, which identifies the production area, guarantees the quality of the fruits and provides environmentally friendly cultivation techniques. 

Production area: 

Municipalities of Amandola, Comunanza, Force, Montedinove, Montefalcone Apennines, Montefortino, Montelparo, Montemonaco, Rotella, Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Smerillo (provinces of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno). 

Presidio supported by:

Marche Region, Mountain Community Monti Sibillini