Choose to love yourself: experience the nature of the  "Mountains Blues".
Let yourself be pampered by our natural oasis of peace and relaxation in the «Marche».

Various experiential stay solutions: Apartments, Glamping-Lodges Tents / Yurta / Tepee , Pitches for Camper/Caravan/Tents.

“REGULATION” -  2024

1. Reservations are accepted with the following methods: Email - Telephone - Providers - Website - Presence
2. To confirm the booking, the payment of a deposit corresponding to 30% of the total booking amount is required, if payment has not already been made directly to the providers. 
3. The reservation will be valid only when the customer receives confirmation from the Management, without which no booking commitments will be recognized. 
4. This confirmation will also be valid as regards the start and end date of the stay.

1. Check-in, and relative delivery of keys, and/or any other supplies, can be carried out from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the day of arrival. 
2. After this time, unless otherwise agreed, with the Agritourism Structure, the booking will be considered canceled and the deposit or the entire amount paid will be retained - as a penalty. 
3. Guests must be provided with a valid individual identification document which must be delivered to the Management for legal registration; guest data will be recorded and sent to public security authorities as required by Italian law. 

1. The day, both in the Accommodations and in the AgriCamping/Glamping, starts at 4.00 pm each day and ends at 10.00 am the following day, therefore Messrs. Guests will have to vacate the Apartments; the Glamping-Tent Lodges, the Glamping Yurt Tent; the Tipi Tents; the pitches set up in the rental car, by 10.00 am in case of check-out. Exit after this time will result in a charge of €150.00 for accommodation and €100 for Agricampegglio/Glamping. 
2. The final cleaning of the kitchen both in the accommodation and in the AgriCamping/Glamping must be carried out by Messrs. Guests. Otherwise, the Management will charge a sum equal to €50.00 for the provision of the service. Upon departure, the keys and any other material provided upon arrival will be returned. 3. Guests must be provided with a valid individual identification document which must be delivered to the Management for legal registration; guest data will be recorded and sent to public security authorities as required by Italian law. The names must therefore be declared to the Reception Office upon arrival. It is not permitted to have other people stay overnight in addition to those registered and they cannot be replaced. 4. Any presence in excess or different (provided permitted) from the names communicated will have to pay the regular stay fee as per the price list in force.

1. For those staying in the Apartments/Villas, the following are assigned: a parking space, a solarium place with cot and seat, a small terrace with an external table; also: access to the swimming pool; access to the play area; access to picnic areas; access to the athletic path. 
2. For those staying in the Glamping-Tent Lodges; Glamping-Yurt Tents; in Tipi Tents; in the pitches, parking is allowed in the assigned place; also: access to the play area; access to picnic areas; access to the athletic path:

1. Visitors are allowed from 4.00 pm to 11.00 pm with the authorization of the Management and must show an identification document.

1. The Management declines any responsibility for theft of money or any other object left in the Agritourism Structure. 
2. The Management declines all responsibility for damage to people and/or things caused by atmospheric agents in general or natural disasters. Furthermore, the Management is not responsible for damages caused by other guests. 
3. The Management reserves the right to remove or deny entry to anyone who, due to their behavior, causes a disturbance.

1. Waste: separate waste collection is mandatory. Water: it is drinkable; (being a precious asset: we invite you not to waste/use it improperly). Accommodations / AgriCamping/Glamping and related furniture and equipment: it is forbidden to move, remove and/or ruin it. 
2. For everyone's peace and safety, limit the use of vehicles within the campsite as much as possible, driving at walking pace. 
3. Everyone is required to behave in compliance with environmental provisions; it is therefore, among other things, strictly prohibited: damaging trees, plants and equipment, lighting fires, building fences outside authorized areas, digging channels, trampling flowerbeds; stretch ropes between the plants; changed the state of the place. The use of the charcoal grill is permitted only in the BBQ areas. 
4. Washing of any type of vehicle is not permitted. 
5. The Agritourism Structure is equipped with ecological islands for separate waste collection, where you can deposit your waste and which will subsequently be treated for disposal by the Structure itself.
6. Entry and exit from the campsite is permitted from 08.00 to 24.00; for different times please agree in advance with the Management. Each AgriCamping/Glamping location will be provided with a specific opening/closing module for the sliding gate, which must always remain closed.
7. Noise that disturbs the rest of other Guests is strictly prohibited. At any time, behaviors, activities, games and use of equipment that cause disturbance to other Guests must be avoided, in particular from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm and from 11pm to 8am.
8. Children must be accompanied by an adult in the toilets, showers, games and swimming pool which is however reserved for Apartment Guests only, for a maximum number of six people at the same time. There is also time programming of one midday hour and one afternoon hour for each apartment. Adults are directly responsible for their behavior; they must pay attention so that their liveliness does not disturb other guests, in particular parents are asked to make sure that their children respect the hours of silence. Regarding the use of the swimming pool, it is forbidden to use the towels supplied with the accommodation; bathing in clothes is prohibited; the use of a swimsuit or waterproof diaper for the little ones is mandatory.
9. Upon departure, guests are asked to leave the apartments and pitches clean.
  Dogs are allowed (free of charge) and must be kept on a leash, ensuring that any excrement is removed. The owners are responsible for damage caused by them to things and people.

1. Small pets are allowed (free of charge) (only 1 for each facility and must be reported at the time of booking. Inside the facility they must be equipped with a specific identification tag and strictly followed by their respective owners who remain at I bear all kinds of responsibilities.

1 From booking to 30 days before arrival: - penalty of 0% of the total
2 From 30 days before to the day of arrival: - penalty of 100% of the total.
3 Guests who DO NOT comply with these regulations, in addition to the reimbursement of any damages, must leave the Structure and will be reported, if the circumstances arise, to the competent Authorities

The Data Processor is the Owner of the Agritourism Business: - Mr. Iacopo Piciotti